Welcome to the premier destination for Marlin Rifles and Shotguns in the USA. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you’ll find a wide array of Marlin firearms, ranging from the exceptionally affordable to the truly exclusive. Marlin, with a storied history dating back to the late 1800s, has consistently delivered some of the industry’s most robust and dependable lever-action firearms.

Explore our extensive catalog of rifles, which not only encompasses a diverse line of lever actions but also includes an impressive range of rimfires in bolt-action and autoloading configurations. Marlin’s legacy as a producer of CLASSIC AMERICAN RIFLES is unrivaled, and we’re dedicated to preserving that tradition for generations to come.

Our primary objective is to provide you with the highest quality Marlin Firearms at the most competitive prices, all while eliminating the hassles associated with firearm purchasing. Take a moment to peruse our shop and witness the exquisite Marlin Rifles we have available for sale, all backed by our efficient global shipping service.

Our inventory boasts iconic models like the Marlin 1895, Marlin 1894, Marlin 60, Marlin 336 Dark, Marlin 39A, and Marlin XT 22 WMR, all readily available and poised for shipping to your selected FFL holder or dealer. Join us in celebrating the rich tradition of Marlin Firearms and acquire your piece of American heritage today.

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Elevating Excellence Beyond Boundaries

Elevating Tradition: Marlin® Lever-Action Rifles Crafted by Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.

At Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc., we take immense pride in crafting Marlin® lever-action rifles, an iconic American legacy. Our dedication to quality knows no bounds, and our meticulous craftsmanship guarantees an elevated Marlin® experience.

With roots deeply entrenched in American heritage, our Marlin® rifles reflect the same time-honored features that have made them legendary. But what sets them apart is the infusion of Ruger’s exacting standards for uncompromising quality, taking tradition to a new level.

Unlock the Classic Power of the Marlin 1895 Lever Action Rifle

The Marlin 1895 Rifle, a testament to the enduring excellence of lever action design, delivers a level of smooth performance that’s truly unparalleled. Expertly crafted from six machined and heat-treated steel forgings, this rifle exemplifies robust strength. Its clean, flat, solid top receiver not only fortifies its durability but also acts as a shield against the elements, keeping out rain, snow, and debris while offering a perfect platform for scope mounting.

With its signature Marlin lever action aesthetic, complemented by a rich walnut stock and reliable iron sights, the Marlin 1895 Rifle is a true masterpiece. Discover the embodiment of timeless firearm craftsmanship and make it yours by purchasing the Marlin 1895 Rifle from our shop today.

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Marlin Firearms: A Heritage of Lever-Action Excellence

Step into the realm of classic American long guns, where history merges with symbolism, and the spirit of the Old West lives on. Marlin® is a name inseparable from the legacy of lever-action rifles, a tradition that harks back to our very origins. From the iconic Model 1881, our inaugural centerfire creation, to the pioneering Model 1891, our first rimfire masterpiece, our heritage tells a tale as rich and enduring as the Western frontier itself. Notably, Annie Oakley, a legendary markswoman, placed her trust in the Model 1891 above all else to showcase her unparalleled sharpshooting prowess.

In 2020, Marlin takes the reins in spearheading the modern renaissance of lever-action firearms. We’ve revitalized time-tested platforms, infusing them with cutting-edge engineering for the next generation of enthusiasts. Our arsenal now includes precision-engineered bolt and semi-automatic rimfires, rugged big-game rifles, cowboy-action classics, and ‘tac ready’ lever-actions, each meticulously crafted to embody our unwavering commitment to delivering America’s toughest, most accurate, and dependable firearms, tailored for the demands of real-world hunters and shooters.